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Does Team Building Really Work?

The 101 of Team Building.

News flash: Employee satisfaction MATTERS! Recent studies have proven that a team that plays well together, works well together. Studies like Cameron Klein’s research into team building showed that after team building there was an increase in productivity and effectiveness across all platforms. Teams that have gone through team building consistently outperform teams that haven’t. If that’s not a reason to engage with your team, I don’t know what is.

This stuff really works, people! Today, we’re here to discuss some of the hottest team building activities that you can use to engage with your crew.

My Name Is…

…slim shady. Just kidding. But if you aren’t a big celebrity (like Eminem), chances are you haven’t been on any talk shows recently, and people don’t really know what makes you tick. The first team building activity you may want to consider is a game that gets people together to discuss their personality types. Figuring out what motivates and irritates your team can have hugely beneficial impacts. Who knows, it might even avoid a kerfuffle (kerfuffle, noun. A commotion or a fuss, especially one over conflicting views) or two.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start by having your team take a personality test. Remember, the less complex, the better. Something like the DISC test can net good results. You may want to also consider bringing in a public speaker who can shed some light on value behind tests like these, and bring about a sense of unity or purpose to your team environment.

Don’t be afraid to make a day of this. Make it a Friday, find a good venue and maybe provide lunch for your team. As your team matures, understanding motivators and demotivators can play huge parts in the success of your business.

This is one of the most impactful activities you could have your team do. But no one wants to take a test, then sit down and listen to a speaker talk to them about it. So in between the test taking and the speaking, here are a few team based game ideas to break up the day.

Team Building Games: The “Air Band” Battle.

There’s a pretty huge phenomena happening in popular culture right now called the Lip Sync Battle. Yea, we love John Krasinski too. A great way to promote team building and create lasting memories is to take the concept of a lip sync battle and expand it to an entire band.

This is super easy: Assign “band members” before hand, and inform them that a prize will be given for the most convincing “air band performance” of the afternoon. This is an easy enough game to set up if you have a speaker and an iPhone with a spotify subscription. Better yet, if you find a venue with a great sound system, inform the staff of your intentions and have them set the stage, complete with lights and maybe even a fog machine!

Team Building Games: Survey Says, Number ONE Answer!

Trivia is a past time that’s quickly gaining popularity around the country. In fact, a lot of bars and restaurants will host trivia night to pull in crowds of people. Consider pairing your team up into small groups and hosting your very own trivia challenge.

If you’ve found a venue outside of the office (and we recommend that you do, it’s always nice to get out), pepper in some trivia ABOUT the office! “What brand is the fax machine?” or “How many sinks are there across all the floors in the building?” are great trivia questions to ask your team!

Team Building Games: The Circuit

This is a fun challenge to pose to your team within a venue that offers games such as ping pong or shuffle board. Assign teams at random and create a score sheet that each team can use to keep track of wins and losses. Allow time for each team to go through each game that your venue offers and keep track of their wins against other teams. The idea here is to promote teamwork, collaboration and communication. As team members realize each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they’ll be able to communicate amongst themselves and overcome challenges.

Remember, there isn’t much that can get in the way of victory when a great prize is on the line, so make it worth their time!

If you can make a team building day engaging enough for your team, the research has proven increased performance at work.

Find a great venue that can cater to your space needs, your game needs, your stage needs and your food needs. If you’re in Richmond, VA, Atlas 42 has all four covered in our brand new 10,000 square foot event venue. We offer both an indoor and outdoor event, so rain or shine, nothing can stop your team building.

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