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Employee Appreciation Matters

If you’ve read our last blog, you know that team building is a critical step towards becoming successful. Now let’s talk about why employee appreciation plays just as critical of a role.

Spreading the love through employee appreciation.

March is almost here, that means it’s almost employee appreciation month. Our last blog highlighted the fact that employees who are given an opportunity to build community and teamwork show a staggering 60% increase in effectiveness over employees who haven’t had a team building opportunity. The same could be said about employee appreciation. Regardless of if you run a local fast food restaurant or a multi billion dollar investment firm, people are people. If you want to increase happiness and productivity, you’ve gotta show them that you care!

Employee appreciation humanizes.

It’s no secret that we’re all just looking for love, and when we’re at work that basic human need doesn’t just go away. Employees want to feel like they’re appreciated. Being genuine and letting an employee know that you care about them can have incredible positive impacts on their mentality and their spirits. In recent surveys, it was learned that 60-70% of workplaces don’t show enough appreciation to their employees. Given the incredible amount of positive implications (and literally zero negative ones) that appreciating your employee has on your business, this is mind boggling.
But here’s the key; you have to say it like you mean it. Be specific. Do your research. Has your employee been staying late? Coming in early? Working extra hard on a recent deadline or project? Tell them that you’ve recognized that and that you appreciate the effort they’re putting in. In a lot of situations, you want to reward them, but in some situations, all it takes is just a kind word.

Employee appreciation energizes.

Nothing beats great positive energy in a work environment. Good energy can stimulate an employee’s work ethic and help them to overcome adversity more easily. A good work ethic can promote trust, and trust is cyclical to a great working environment and positive energy. Globeforce released a new survey that showed over 80% of employees who were recognized felt that they trusted their managers.
If you have an employee appreciation program, the key to its success is making sure that its consistent, clear and fair. Employees need to see the metrics for achieving success are hard earned yet achievable.

Employee appreciation sentementalizes.

More than ever, company culture acts as a huge competitive advantage. A big key to attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive world comes down to how appreciated an employee feels at their job. This is a no brainer! Create a culture that recognizes employees and managers, and you’ll create sentimentality. If a smile is contagious, a happy working place is impossible to leave!

Oh… one final tip.

A proven effective method of showing your employees that you appreciate them is to give them a day where they work on their team building. Finding a venue where you can get your employees out of the office can go miles for your employee’s well being and your company’s culture. Check out our blog post on how to effectively conduct team building, then give Atlas 42 a call and see how we can help your employees spread the love!


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