4032 Cox Rd - Suite A, Glen Allen, VA 23060

In our immense party space, fun is king. From Ping Pong to Bocce Ball, there’s never a dull moment. Our expert caterers will keep you hydrated and fed between games!


Step inside our immense subterranean playground. Wander through 6 Killer Spin ping pong tables, each with their own party going. All kept in perpetual motion by DJs. And topped off with generous servings of food and beverages.

No skill level required, with plenty of unique games designed especially for groups.

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Jenga is a game of physical skill, players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively taller and unstable structure. At Atlas 42 having fun is the norm and giant Jenga is just one of many games we offer!

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Everyone loves cornhole at tailgates and those awesome backyard barbecues – well now you can toss bags and drink with friends and at Atlas 42!

You don’t have to have any experience; most people have no idea how to play when they start. Next thing you know they are experts. Whether you start as a beginner or an expert you will meet a ton of new people.

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Are you ready to join a sport that is fun, social, and accessible to everyone? Welcome to Atlas 42 bocce, the social sports experience you’ve been looking for!

Besides some simple equipment, all that’s needed to play bocce is a spirit of fun and good sportsmanship. Any time is a good time to play bocce. It’s not tied to any seasonal conditions, and you’ll fall in love with this game, as you face its athletic and strategic challenges.

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Shuffleboard is very popular, though the game was invented close to five hundred years ago, you can still find it has an avid following. The reason for this is the game itself.

Very few games can match up to the pleasure of playing a good shuffleboard game.

The strategies needed to overcome an opponent and the guile needed to achieve victory makes this game a favorite in our recreation room.

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