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The 10 Best Birthday Party Themes

Parties are the best! There’s no better way for a community to come together and celebrate a common interest. This year, celebrate your little one’s birthday with one of these next level birthday party themes. Check out these themes that’ll make it a day for the history books.

Regardless of which birthday theme you decide to go with this year, be sure to contact Atlas 42 and see how we can help with planning, set up and clean up. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you, your family and your friends can have all the fun.

10: The Prettiest Princes

Image Source: Mint Event Designs

What makes this princess themed party perfect? Pink and lots and lots of glitter. We’re in love with Mint Design’s sparkle princess theme. We think that the pirouline cookies are an incredible touch, be sure that you don’t skip those.

9: Wild Wild West

Image Source: Mint Event Designs

Get out those cowboy hats, we’re going west. Yee Haw! It’s scientifically proven that kids love anything wild west. Check out these wild west themed party ideas. If you look hard enough, you might just find a pony too.

8: The Disney Experience

Image Source: Mint Event Designs

Who wouldn’t want a party with the king of Disney, Mickey Mouse himself? Check out this Disney themed party. Boy or girl, everyone is sure to love this idea!

7: May the Force be With You

Image Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Speaking of Disney, Star Wars is so hot right now. Regardless of how you feel about The Phantom Menace, you can’t deny the huge appeal of Star Wars. Whether you’re nearby or in a galaxy far, far away, this Star Wars theme is bound to be a galactic hit.

6: The Super Hero Party

Source: Pinterest

With great power comes great party-ability! Okay, that was lame. But the great thing about superheroes is that there’s bound to be one that everyone connects with. For a hit celebration, think about your child’s favorite heroes and have them come together in a celebration!

For an extra touch, check out how to personalize party supplies. Only your imagination is the limit with this party.

5: Tooti Fruity Birthday Cutie

Image Source: My Pretty Party

Throwback to your last tropical family vacation with this fruity birthdayparty theme. If you haven’t had a chance to go on vacation yet, feel free to use this idea and go all out.

4: A Day in Paris

Image Source: Party City

Ah, Paris. The city of love. Skip the 10-hour plane ride; bring Paris right here with this Paris themed birthday party idea. Side effects may include speaking French and a burning desire to visit the Eiffel Tower.

3: Pirates of the Caribbean

Image Source: Oriental Trading

From plundering to sailing, Jack Sparrow knows how to have a good time. This Pirates themed birthday party is sure to be a criminally good time!

2: Teenage Mutant Party Turtles

Image Source: Birthday Express

The Ninja Turtles have gone through a lot of changes over the years, but one thing remains constant; they know how to celebrate! Cowabunga!

1: Moana

Image Source: Birthday Express

Make way, make way! Boys and girls, moms and dads, everyone loves Moana’s story. Make your party beach themed and throw in Moana and her friends for a surefire good time.


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